How Rich Our Treasure

Beloved, the riches of God’s lavish grace to us in Jesus, against the backdrop of our inexcusable sin, are beyond comprehension!  And yet, it is the very greatness of these riches that God would have us to know and feast on in greater and greater ways by faith – all to His glory!  So it is that Paul opens his letter to the Ephesians with praise (Eph. 1:3-14), and prayer (Eph. 1:15-23).


This coming Lord’s Day, as we’ll continue to look at the redeeming work of Jesus Christ in Eph. 1:7-12, we’re also planning to learn a new hymn entitled How Rich a Treasure We Possess.  I encourage you to listen to this song a time or two before Sunday, and take note how the lyrics echo many of the themes from Eph. 1.


What else can be said – how rich a treasure we possess in Jesus Christ!!


Looking forward to joining heart and voice with you,