Titus and John 17

God’s eternal purpose – His mission – is to bring glory to Himself in His Son Jesus, in His people, through the power of the Holy Spirit.  As we are seeing in the book of Titus, God’s purpose informs every aspect of the life of the local church.  Likewise, His purpose and will impacts the daily lives of every Christian, in very specific and practical ways.


Along with encouraging you to read the book of Titus at least once a week over the next two months (in addition to other Bible reading you’re doing), let me also encourage you to weekly read John 17.  This majestic prayer of Jesus reveals the heart of God’s mission, and His purposes for us as His people.  Profoundly breathtaking, and profoundly relevant.


What a joy to share in these realities with you, growing as God’s people at RCG.  You are on my heart and in my prayers!


Because He lives, and is returning,