The Mission of the Church

As we’ve been seeing over the last couple weeks from John 20:19-23, the Lord’s purpose for the mission of His church is crystal clear.  In the power of His Holy Spirit, the church has the privilege and responsibility of proclaiming and living the Gospel of God’s peace in Jesus Christ, for the glory of the Father.  This is the church’s singular calling, with life-altering implications for every believer.

Andreas J. Kostenberger, in his excellent book The Mission of Jesus and the Disciples, expands on the significance of this clear mission with these words:

“As Jesus was completely devoted to do the will of the one who sent him (e.g. John 4:34), the disciples too, are to subordinate themselves in the accomplishment of their mission to the will of their sender, Jesus.  Jesus’ call of people to follow him constitutes their decisive encounter with the will of God (my emphasis.)  From this call onward, the personal life of the messenger is determined exclusively by this charge.  The disciple is to be completely subordinated to the will of his Lord until death.” (p. 195)

 May God give us grace to completely subordinate ourselves all the more to His good, acceptable, and perfect will – until death!