Ministering God’s Word from Uganda

This coming Lord’s Day, we have the special privilege of having a faithful brother and pastor from Uganda preach in our morning worship service.  I first met Vanensio Bamwitirebye a few years ago, when he was a student at The Cornerstone Bible College & Seminary.  He has since returned to Uganda, where he is involved in pastoring, church-planting, leadership training, and mercy ministry.  RCG members can see here to learn more about this dear brother.

Most of you know that as a church, we are currently in a process of praying about new missions partnerships.  Prior to learning of this opportunity for Vanensio to preach at RCG, we had already identified more than 10 potential partnerships for consideration.  For this reason, it has not seemed prudent to add Vanensio as another potential partnership.  So while we aren’t considering partnering with Vanensio at this time, we’re grateful to have him with us to proclaim God’s word, and to learn about God’s work in Uganda.

Vanensio will be here with his California host, Tom Johnson from Napa.  We’re praying and trusting that God will bring great mutual encouragement to all of us, in the great hope and power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Rom. 1:8-17).

Because Christ lives, and is returning,