Cherish the Lord’s Day

As we saw yesterday in corporate worship, there is a blessed mandate for believers to “Let the word of Christ (about Christ – the Gospel!) richly dwell within you…” (Colossians 3:16).  How do we grow in having our lives, individually and corporately, more and more consumed and saturated with the glorious wonder of the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

One essential, practical point of application is to cherish and actively participate in the rich blessings of corporate worship and fellowship on the Lord’s Day.  While we are to trust, worship, and obey God every moment of every day, He has given us one day in seven to be uniquely set apart for the refreshment, strengthening, and reviving of our souls through His Word.  Through hearing His Word read and preached, singing, praying, sharing in the ordinances, and fellowshipping with one another, the Lord powerfully works to multiply the hope, power, and riches of the Gospel in and through our lives.

As someone else has rightly said, the Lord’s Day is indeed the best day of the week.  Moreover, wherever God’s people gather on that day as a local church, in the joy of the Gospel, is indeed the happiest place on earth.

I can’t wait to be with you all again this coming Lord’s Day!

Pastor Greg