Why Do We Do What We Do?

A searching question we should frequently ask ourselves is “why do I do what I do?”  We are constantly making decisions that affect everything, from relationships, to priorities, to our use of time and money, etc.  What motivates and informs what we do?  What dominating factors influence why we make the decisions we do?

 As important as this question is at a personal level, it is also critically important to ask this question at a church-wide level.  As a church, why do we do what we do?  Why is our church ministry focused and structured in the way it is?  Why do we do what we do on the Lord’s Day when we gather?  Why do we do other things during the week?  To address these questions is to consider our “philosophy of ministry” – why do we do what we do as a church?

 At RCG, it has been a number of years since we have corporately and intensively talked about our philosophy of ministry.  The Elders are in agreement that it seems timely and beneficial for us to do so now.  To that end, I’m planning on preaching about our philosophy of ministry over the next three Lord’s Days.  In preparation, I encourage you to read through our philosophy of ministry, which we’ve entitled  “A Vision of Grace” .  And be praying with us that God would be working powerfully to glorify Himself among us, as the fullness of His grace and truth in Jesus Christ would abound in and overflow through us to more and more people.

 For Him, for you,

 Pastor Greg