“Behold My son…Believe My word…Be My children.”

As we have recently seen from Jn. 20:30,31, God is continually declaring throughout His Word:  “Behold My son…Believe My word…Be My children.”  The blessings of eternal life are abundantly given to all who believe in God as He has revealed Himself in Jesus Christ His Son, the promised Messiah!

Pastor C.H. Spurgeon, preaching in the late 1800’s, concludes his sermon on Jn. 20:30,31 with these encouraging words:

“I come back to my beginning and there I close—the one thing, the main thing, the only thing is that we hold on to Jesus Christ through thick and thin, through foul and fair, up hill and down dale, in the night and in the day, in life and in death, in time and in eternity—that we steadfastly believe that Jesus of Nazareth, who died upon the Cross, is the Messiah of God, yes, the Son of God, sent to cleanse away iniquity and bring in perfect righteousness! Whether we see Him on His Cross or on His Throne, all our hope, all our trust must be fixed in Him and so we shall live when time shall be no more!  Stay there, O true Believers, and let none entice you from your steadfastness!”