Black and white. Dead and alive. High and low. Light and Dark.  Hot and cold. Sooners and Longhorns. Life is filled with stark contrasts. But there is one ultimate contrast that supersedes all others, the contrast between that which is true and that which is false. This is the contrast between Jesus Christ, who is truth incarnate (John 14:6), and Satan, who’s very nature is false and devoid of the truth (John 8:44).
The best definition of “truth” I’ve come across is that it is “the way things really are, as established by God.” Jesus Christ, in His person, words, and works, exposes all that is false and gives absolute clarity to the way things really are.
Here’s the way things really are: every human being has been created by God, for His glory. Every human being is alienated from God and under His wrath because of sin. And every human being can be reconciled eternally to God through faith in Jesus Christ.
As Christ came to bear witness to the truth (John 18:37), so now those of us who belong to Him through faith likewise are to bear witness to Him who is true (John 15:26,27).  This means that as we faithfully speak and live the Gospel in the power of His Spirit, we help others to see the way things really are.
Praying with you to be all the more alert and diligent in our truth-proclaiming calling! 

Pastor Greg