True Love is Humble

True love is a humble love; and that love which is not humble, is not truly divine.”  (Jonathan Edwards, Charity and Its Fruits, pg. 144)


Our Lord and Teacher Jesus Christ, in every moment of every detail of His incarnate life, personified this divine, humble love.  How can it be that the eternal, holy King of Kings would stoop to serve sinners such as us, by suffering on the cross as a substitute for us?  We can never explain it, but only marvel, rejoice, and strive to be faithful stewards of His love in other people’s lives.


Reflecting on the lesson and meaning of Jesus washing His disciples’ (Jn. 13:1-17), Edwards further observes, “If our Lord and Master is humble, and we love Him as such, certainly it becomes us who are His disciples and servants to be so too, for surely it does not become the servant to be prouder or less abased than the Master.”  (Ibid., pg. 151)


Beloved, the next time we’re tempted to think, “I shouldn’t have to love that person,” or “loving this person is beneath me,” let us look afresh in faith to our Lord and Teacher, Jesus Christ.  And in the power and pattern of His humble love, let us gladly minister the same to one another.


Growing with you,