The privilege of prayer

“…in whom we have boldness and access with confidence through our faith in him.”  (Eph. 3:12)


The privilege of prayer for God’s children is a privilege flowing from His adopting, redeeming love in Jesus Christ.  How unspeakable the assurance that, through faith, we have ongoing boldness and access with confidence in the presence of our heavenly Father!


Thus, far from being a formalistic, ritualistic exercise, true prayer is a joyful disposition of heart that is constantly seeking God.  F.B. Meyer, in his warm and helpful commentary on Ephesians, hits the right note:


Prayer assumes a new complexion as soon as we properly appreciate God’s Fatherliness…. The first thought of a little child in any need is Mother, Father. There is instant movement of eyes, and feet, and voice, towards the one dear source of help and comfort. And so, when we have learnt to know the Father, as revealed in Jesus, our heart will be constantly going out towards Him….Of course there will be times when we shall deliberately bow our knees unto the Father; but there will be many more when we shall have access to Him in a swift-winged thought, a tear hastily brushed away, a yearning, an [exclamation], a loving, restful glance of mutual understanding. Strange that we make so little of these wonderful opportunities of access to the Father!”  (F.B. Meyer, Ephesians: A Devotional Commentary, Kindle Loc. 68)


Oh beloved, are you living in confidence of the access our Father has given you to Himself in Christ?  Are you “constantly going out towards Him” in prayer, assured of His love and care for you in Christ?  What great, living hope we’ve been called to, and what great spiritual riches we’ve been lavished with!


Praying for you, and with you in this hope,