The Mission of the Church, Part 2

As we’ve been learning from John 20:19-23, the Lord Jesus wills for every believer to be wholeheartedly sharing in the mission of His church. Practically, this means mutually submitting to, and participating in the life of a local church.

Here are just a few suggestions for how members of RCG can keep pursuing faithfulness to the Lord and one another:

1.  Regularly review and pray through the “Membership Commitment” you affirmed when you became a member.

2.  Pray regularly for other members at RCG, in light of examples like Eph. 1:15-20, 3:14-21, etc.  The “Membership Directory” can be a great resource in doing this.

3.  Joyfully participate in our main corporate gatherings on the Lord’s Day, including Equipping Hour, Corporate Worship, and our Evening Gathering.

4.  Prayerfully and actively look for specific ways to minister to others in the body. Notes of encouragement, meeting physical needs, helping a younger Christian grow, taking initiative to meet new people – these are just some of the ways you can minister.

Not only is belonging to a local church a beneficial blessing for every believer, it is God’s will for all of us, so that He would be all the more glorified through us.

What a joy to share life in Him with you at RCG!