Music and the Stars

Blessings to you this Labor Day!  Let me pass along a couple of resources that may be of interest to you.

First, a few months ago Sovereign Grace Music released a new album entitled Risen.  As you might guess, all of the songs focus on the resurrection and exaltation of Jesus Christ.  With where the Lord has had us in recent weeks in John 20 during corporate worship, this album is a rich and excellent “musical meditation” on the glories of our risen Lord and Savior.  Who names – maybe we’ll soon be singing some of these songs at RCG!

Second, in this past Lord’s Day sermon, I mentioned the Kovac Planetarium in Northern Wisconsin.  I visited this intriguing place last week while visiting my Dad for a few days (he lives about 30 minutes from the planetarium.)  Quite a showcase of “The heavens telling the glory of God…” – Ps. 19:1.  CBS News did a brief story on Frank Kovac and his work, which you can see here.  So if you’re ever in Northern Wisconsin…I’m just saying!