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  1. Beginning the Book of Hebrews

    As a Christian, do you ever get discouraged? With your circumstances, with struggles, with your sin? Yeah…I do too!   Our holy and gracious Father knows you and I are easily tempted to be downcast. He knows we’re quick to shrink back from believing and living in light of His great promises and provision in […]

    September 27, 2017church growth, Exaltation of Christ, Holiness, Ministry, Sermons
  2. Sacramento Gospel Conference

    As we’ve been letting you know, the annual Sacramento Gospel Conference is just over a week away.  It will take place on Friday, May 6 (7-9:30pm), and Saturday, May 7 (9:00am – 4:30pm), at Immanuel Baptist Church in midtown Sacramento.  The cost is $30/person (or less, if you’re only able to attend one of the […]

    April 27, 2016church growth, Exaltation of Christ, Gospel, Ministry, The Church
  3. Christ’s Gift

    How Jesus Christ cares for His body, His church!  Now exalted at the right hand of our Father in heaven, Jesus has sovereignly and diversely gifted every member of His body. “But grace was given to each one of us according to the measure of Christ’s gift.”  (Eph. 4:7) As Paul goes on to explain […]

    March 16, 2016church growth, Exaltation of Christ, Ministry, The Church, Training, worship
  4. Preparing for the Lord’s Day

    As we prepare to gather again this coming Lord’s Day, let me encourage you in a few specific ways. First, take advantage of the “order of service” information we include in this newsletter.  Individually, or with family/friends, take some time in the days prior to our Sunday gathering to read through the various Scripture passages […]

    February 3, 2016church growth, Holiness, Ministry, Stewardship, The Church, worship
  5. A Few Important Items

    A few important items…   First, as a follow-up to this past Sunday’s sermon from the book of Job, check out these resources:   A timely blog from Desiring God, The Promise of God in Threatening Pain A memorable song from Wes King, Do You Tremble   Second, our Equipping Hour resumes this coming Sunday, […]

    September 9, 2015church growth, Ministry, music, Training, worship
  6. God’s Work Among Us: Elder Affirmation

    As revealed in Eph. 1:3-14, the eternal plan of God, for His glory in Jesus Christ, is far more comprehensive and significant than anything we could ever imagine or dream of!  It begins in eternity past with the Father’s electing grace (vs. 1:4-6), and will culminate in eternity future with everything in heaven and on […]

    February 11, 2015church growth, Ministry, Prayer, The Church
  7. Genuine Worship Includes Gathering with God’s People

    God’s word makes clear that genuine worship which pleases Him is that which is “in spirit and in truth” (Jn. 4:22-24), and that which encompasses all of life, all the time (Rom. 12:1-2).  With slight modification to a definition of worship offered by David Peterson in his excellent book Engaging With God, we can say […]

    October 22, 2014church growth, Exaltation of Christ, Gospel, Holiness, The Church
  8. Doing Our Part, Today

    A healthy practice for believers is to regularly read the Book of Acts (along with the rest of Scripture)!  With 28 chapters, Acts could be read monthly at a pace of one chapter a day.  Or it could be read quarterly by reading 2-3 chapters a week, or almost twice a year by reading a […]

    October 8, 2014church growth, evangelism, Exaltation of Christ, Gospel, Hope, Ministry
  9. Body Life

    Our physical bodies are amazing!  The complexity, and intricacy of God’s marvelous design is beyond our ability to fully comprehend.  What diversity of parts: hands, feet, eyes, ears, muscles, brain, nervous system, etc.  Yet in all this rich diversity, what great unity in all these parts working together for the proper life and functioning of […]

    July 2, 2014church growth, Exaltation of Christ, Ministry, The Church
  10. Where the Rubber Meets the Road

    In all of our corporate gatherings on the Lord’s Days this past month (Equipping Hour, Corporate Worship, and our Evening Gathering), we’ve been focusing on God’s mission in Jesus Christ, and what this means for us as His people.  We’ve seen that the Father’s eternal purpose is to glorify Himself in His Son, in His […]

    April 2, 2014church growth, Exaltation of Christ, Gospel, Hope, The Church
  11. Growing Together in Christ-Exalting Attitudes

    As we saw this last Lord’s Day from 1 Pet. 3:8, true people of God long to grow with each other in the Christ-exalting attitudes of unity of mind, sympathy, brotherly love, tender hearts, and humble minds.  Our longing in this is for the excellencies of Christ to be more fully displayed and proclaimed through […]

    May 1, 2013church growth, Exaltation of Christ
  12. Praying for Pastors

    “Let the thought sink deep into the heart of every church, that their minister will be very much such a minister as their prayers may make him. If nothing short of Omnipotent grace can make a Christian, nothing less than this can make a faithful and successful minister of the Gospel!”  Rightly says Gardiner Spring, […]

    July 5, 2012church growth
  13. 1 Thessalonians 2:13

    One of the greatest joys any pastor has is to see God working in people’s lives through His word and through His Spirit.  It is a great blessing for pastors to carry on their ministry among people who are eager to know and follow Jesus Christ, and who are thus hungry to hear, believe, and […]

    April 4, 2012church growth
  14. Growth of the Body for the Building Up of Itself in Love

    As we’ve been mentioning over the last couple of weeks, Willie Phan is our new Church Secretary.  She’s taking over the role previously (and faithfully!) filled by Kay Fisher, who recently retired.  Please keep Willie in your prayers as she “learns the ropes” of her new responsibilities.  Also, please keep the following details in mind: […]

    November 29, 2011church growth
  15. The Lord’s Abundant Mercies

    As I mentioned yesterday in our Corporate Worship Service, some changes are taking place in our church office.  After more than three years of faithful, excellent service, Kay Fisher has recently resigned as our Church Secretary.  I want to publicly thank her for the gracious way she has diligently ministered in this role.  Not only […]

    November 21, 2011church growth

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