A Note from Haiti

Devastated by the effects of false teaching from cults, peddlers of the prosperity gospel, and Pentecostalism, Haiti is in great need for pastors to be equipped and encouraged as Christ-exalting shepherds who can exposit God’s word. My hope is that men will be raised up and trained, churches will be strengthened, and the Gospel will spread in this spiritually dark and troubled land.

By the Lord’s grace and your faithful support, I received the opportunity to minister God’s Word in Haiti again this Fall. This ministry trip is being coordinated in conjunction with Pastors of the Caribbean, led by Thomas Herrera who was present among us this past Lord’s Day. Additionally, I will be co-teaching and preaching with Pastor Lance Gentry from Austin Bluffs Evangelical Free Church in Colorado Springs, CO. First, I will be preaching for a two-day pastor’s conference at Iglise Evangelique Bethesda de Madeline, near Cap-Haitien (Sept. 27-28). This church is led by Pastor Julio Jean-Gilles, whom I met during my previous trip in 2012 and with whom I have since grown in friendship through the Lord’s doing. I will also be preaching at Pastor Julio’s church on the Lord’s Day, September 29. Afterward, I will be teaching at the Faculty of Theology, a Haitian pastoral training center (Sept. 30 – Oct. 3). I will be posting updates on my Facebook page throughout the duration of my trip, so please feel free to check for posts there.

Meanwhile, please pray for God to use His word to bear much fruit for His glory (Jn. 15:8), encourage Haitian pastors in faithful Gospel ministry (1 Tim. 4:12-16), and bring greater health and strength to Haitian churches (Titus 1:5). Please also pray for both Lance and me to be faithful in the remaining details of our sermon and teaching preparations, and that we would be bold in proclaiming God’s word (Eph. 6:19, 20). Praise God for the provision of approximately $2,100 from your generous donations and the yard sale fundraiser, and please pray for the provision of the remaining $400 needed to meet our $2,500 goal. I appreciate your prayers for safety in all travel details and logistics, and especially for God’s spiritual and physical provision for my family while I am away.

Thankful for your prayers, support, and partnership in the ministry of the gospel,